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The Meadowlands

We would like to invite you to join us on a visit of our estate and see how Ibérico Pigs are reared. The products produced by César Nieto S.L. are in great measure obtained from Ibérico Pigs that are born and raised on our estate “Las Viñas”, located in the southern part of the province of Salamanca.

It is on this estate that they are raised with a fully natural diet based on acorns and natural feed mixtures: barley, wheat, corn, soy; and this is also where strict veterinary control takes place. Currently we have an insemination hall, which provides us with a comparative advantage in that pertaining to the genetic selection of our animals.

The rearing stages of an Ibérico Pig can be divided into the following: breeding, rearing, fattening.


Once the piglets reach an average weight standing between 1 and 1.4 kg, then the moment arrives when they start to cover the following stages:

Lactation: This is the period when the piglet is exclusively raised on its mother’s milk. Definitive weaning of the piglets takes place at about 35 to 45 days after their birth, during which they will have reached a weight that tends to stand at about 12 to 15 kg.

Feed grain diet: Following the weaning period, which is a critical moment for the piglet, the animal no longer feeds on milk and starts eating solid products, such as feed grain. This stage lasts about 40 to 50 days, during which the piglet reaches a weight of 25 kg.


This is a period of utmost importance for our animals, as this is the time when the piglet starts to live in freedom, free ranging through the meadowlands at will. Depending on its diet, this is when we decide the type of pig we will be rearing (acorn fed or grain fed). However, the premise is always based on rearing the pig in its natural habitat: the meadowlands.


This is the last stage prior to slaughtering, during which our animals reach an ideal weight standing between 160 and 170 kg, which is unlike any other pig in the entire world. This stage always takes place in absolute freedom, with the diet being based on “montanera” or free ranging, feeding on the acorns and natural grass of the meadowlands when the pig is to be slaughtered in the months of January and February, or feeding on grain if the animal is to be slaughtered during the rest of the year.

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