Head Office Address:

Cesar Nieto S.L.
C/ Alfonso XIII, Nº21
37770 Guijuelo (Salamanca)

Factory Address:

Cesar Nieto S.L.
Polgno. Agroali. I-3, parcela 66-m
Apdo. Correos: 79
37770 Guijuelo (Salamanca)


+34 923 58 04 47


+34 923 58 04 86

Acorn Fed Ibérico Chorizo
Pieza de Acorn Fed Ibérico Chorizo
Acorn Fed Ibérico Chorizo Envasado al Vacío

Acorn Fed

Ibérico Chorizo

Only the best lean pork meat is used for its elaboration, which is traditionally crafted and immersed in César Nieto’s traditional marinade, using the exact same recipe that our grandparents used, including La Vera pimentón (paprika) and the very best Spanish garlic. It is then stuffed into natural casing, ensuring that all its properties are wonderfully preserved, and then it is hung to be cured at our facilities right in the heart of the Sierra, thus resulting in a product that provides the palate with one of the most intense pleasures to be found.

Nutritional Facts (per 100 g)

Protein .......... 25,14 g

Fat .......... 58,56 g

Carbohydrate .......... 6,6 g

Nutritional Value .......... 654 kcal